Brushwood Fence Repairs Sydney 

There are many good reasons to have brushwood fencing erected at your home –especially if Brushwood Boundaries

 is making them for you:

The advantages are:

  • Our brush fences last a minimum 20 years
  • We use only A-Grade brushwood 
  • Can be built to any height you require e.g 14 feet high
  • All new fences are Termite proof
  • Blends in with the surrounding bush
  • Brush fences can be easily repaired as well as brushwood gates
  • Always looks good
  • Solves all your fencing problems e g privacy, steep blocks not level ground 
  • Great for enclosed areas e g units and flats (you don’t feel closed in )
  • Adds value to your home
  • Don't forget we are the best in the business- our new fences last at least 2 -3 times longer than the rest  "guaranteed"
  • Our fences are made under the highest quality controls so always feel rest assured you are getting the best,
  • After all that is what your paying for. 

Call Rick FROM BRUSHWOOD BOUNDARIES ON 0409 713577 or email us on page 3